Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Travelling through the Mission

We went up to Prishtina this week, and we did an exchange there. I got
to serve with Elder Rasband. The exchanger was great. We had a really
good time together. The Prishtina Boulivard is beautiful, and it is
filled with people now that it is Summer. We talked with a ton of
different people many of which were tourists seeing the city. Elder
Greener had never tried the famous Tango Juice so we got him some of
that to try while we were up there. The Prishtina exchange is always
interesting because we stay with 4 of us in the same house so the
amount of time that we are actually "exchanged" is less, but it is
still really good.

We had a mini transfer. Some of the sisters moved around. We took the
Prishtina ones back with us. Part way to the border I made a comment
about everyone having their passport, and one of them realized they
had forgotten it. We had to drive back and get it, and as a result we
had to stay the night in Prishtina again. Elders Rasband and Keck were
on exchanges with Gjakova and so we stayed with Elders Holm and
Guymon. It was great to see them. They are in my old area, and have
seen/see many oof our old investigators. It sounds like the branch is
doing pretty well there as a whole.

We have been meeting with that same family very frequently this week.
E, X, and A. They are right on the edge. They really
like the lessons. They read, and pray as well. They know it is true,
but most of their concerns about membership in the church are social.
We need to find them some friends. If the ward will help them adjust
in they will be solid. We are really trying to work with the ward for
them. There mom is great though. She is that lady who I tiold you
about that totally changes in lessons!

We are trying to keep the energy up in the ward. As a whole the church
here in Albania is still very dependent on missionaries, but they are
making great progress! The summer is very hot, and everyone goes to
the beach for vacation. To be honest I don't really blame them. It is
boiling! However, we still really need them in church on Sunday!

We played soccer for p-day today.

Serving here is great. We are having a great time, and working hard. I
am so excited for Matt. You sound like you are doing great! Congrats
to John on his homecoming! Time sure flys.

Love you lots! Take Buddy on lots of walks!

Love Elder P. Stewart

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