Friday, July 3, 2015

A New Companion and More Finding!

This has been a very good week. It was the last week of the transfer.
We worked hard right until the end.

The mother of the kids who was supposed to be baptised still is not
baptised. It has been a work in progress. She has a lot of
hesitations. We had a really great lesson with her last night however,
and she is doing well. We cleared up a lot of her concerns. For one
reason or another she just doesn't seem to grasp the value of it.. or
maybe she feels hopeless because her husband is inactive.  I hope that
she will be baptised. We will continue working with her. It was our
first lesson with her in about a week and a half because she just
wouldn't meet with us. We could tell that she has been very stressed.
She works very long days for not very much money. Life seems like a
bit of a burden for her. It is sad, but she stays happy. We gave her
Alma & to read, and gave her a blessing before we left. If anything
gets her it will be Eternal families, and so we figured the Atonement
and Priesthood power would really help the cause. She has a really
cool brother that lives with them as well. He got home just after we
had ended the blessing, and while we were on our way out the door. I
met him about 2 weeks ago very briefly. God helped me remember his
name, and so I struck a conversation with him. Their family is golden.
I hope for the best.

Sadly this week Elder Smoot, one of the Elders up in Prishtina, got
pretty sick, and he had to leave. He came down from Prishtina, and we
met him in the road on his way to visit some people before heading
over to his interview with President. We talked with him in the road
for a little bit, and a man walked up to us. It was a less active that
he had had a few lessons with when he served in 4th Ward. We were able
to get his contact information, and we met with him the next night. It
is always exciting to meet new less actives. We were lucky to have
Elder Smoot with us.

This week was Mission Conference. We met in Elbasan. The whole mission
came. There were a few parts. Sister Weidmann gave a training. We
heard from all of the missionaries that are leaving. There are 8.
Elders Acheson, Baker, Clawson, Jorgenson, Linderman, Ostergaard,
Price, Richards. With the exception of one, I have served in the same
district as all of them so it will be sad to see them leave. They all
gave great testimonies though. We gave a training as well, and then
President Weidmann had a question and answer session just like Elder
Bednar does. He did a really good job.

We have worked really hard with a recent convert family over this last
transfer. We saw them last night, and they are doing great. This
transfer they have become reactive, have started holding family home
evening, read and pray daily as a family. It has been really good to
see the change. They fulfill a year as members in July, and their next
son turns 8. Hopefully his Dad will baptize him. That is the plan. We
are all going to talk with bishop on Monday to get it all worked out.

Elder Bangerter is moving to Berat. Elder Greener from our District
will be my new companion. Elder Bangerter is excited to go to Berat.
He will do great! Elder Baldwin is coming to Tirana so it will be fun
to serve around him!

I am so happy that Dad is doing better! Take good care of him and
Buddy as well! Good luck at the Temple Matt!

Love Elder Stewart
A good looking group of Elders! Elder Eliason, Elder Stewart, Elder Holm,  Elder Roemer, Elder Baldwin, Elder Gray and Elder Braden.

He met up with Elder Lesi again. :)

The Bjeshku family.

His good friends - the night guards. :)

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