Sunday, July 12, 2015

Great Elders Heading Home and a Miracle

This has been a very busy week! We have been running around like crazy
arranging everything, but in the end everything went well and the
transfer took place without any problems! I was a little nervous at
the start of the week because I knew that Elder Bangerter was taking
off, but Elder Greener is doing great, and he sure helped out a lot!

On Monday we were running around like crazy getting everything ready
for the transfer and departing missionaries. We had a big list of
things, and we got it all done. We finished up all of the computer
stuff, emailed, and were just about to go into our meeting with
President Weidmann when I realized that we did not have a mini-bus to
take all of the leaving missionaries to the airport. We called all of
the potential numbers in our phones to try and find a mini-bus, but
nothing worked out. I had no idea what to do so I just kind of said a
prayer in my heart that it would all work out, and we went into the
lesson with President. On the way over to President house afterwards
we were walking and I saw a Furgon (van) drive by. I told them I was
going to chase it down and talked to him. Turns out he is President
Weidmanns neighbor. He speaks German. They had never met one another,
and he agreed to drive for us. It was a great miracle. He did great.
Elder Bangerter and I both knew that the Lord had been looking out for

Tuesday was the transfer. We had a lot of missionaries here. I really
like transfers because we get to see everyone. Everything went great
though. We had the soon to be leaving missionaries run a lot of
errands for us. That night they had their farewell dinner. It will
sure be different with all of them gone. Sister Weidmann made tacos,
and afterwards there was a testimony meeting. The Spirit was so
strong! I had served with 7 out of the 8, and it was really neat to
see how far they have all come.

Wednesday morning we all drove to the airport. No problems, just weird
seeing them leave. It was sure hard for the Weidmanns to say bye after
dinner. They don't show it to much, but it sure is hard for them. The
new missionaries came in on Wednesday afternoon. There are no Elders
and 3 Sisters. They seem great. We met them, and drove them to the
mission office. President Weidmann interviewed them all. He is a great
interviewer, and so I am sure they all enjoyed it. They then had an
introductory thing, and a dinner. They didn't look nearly as tired as
I remember being when I first got into the country.

Thursday morning was a very spiritual morning. We went with the 3 new
sisters, and the Tirana Sister Training Leaders up to the Monument of
the Heros. It is the place where Elder Oaks dedicated Albania for the
preaching of the gospel. We went there and had a little devotional so
that they could all start their missions on the right note. The
Dedicatory prayer has some really cool things in it. There are some
great promises. Sometimes I feel like getting baptisms should be way
easier, but then I just have to think to myself that this work is
going at his pace. Albania is still very mush in the begining stages,
but it is coming along.

The new trainer-trainee meeting went very well. All of the sisters met
their new traininers, and were sent off to their new areas. I am sure
they will do great!

We are working with a man named D. He is a great guy, but he
has a smoking problem. His self-confidence does not seem to be very
high. We are trying to help him. He is in his 30s with one girl, and a
boy on the way. He really wants to stop smoking, because he knows how
much damage it is doing. We are trying to support him.

There is a man that sells clothes on the street everyday, and we often
talk with him. He invited us to his house, and we had a lesson. We
have another lesson set up for tuesday. He is a really nice guy. We
thought that he would come to church, but he wasn't able to make it.

Our ques for the part-member families continues. We figure that is the
best way to get quality new investigators. I sent you a picture of the
new family that we met this week! They are great. We will see them on
Tuesday as well.  the father is a member and the rest are not. He bore
a very strong testimony though! I love working with Elder Greener. We
get a lot done, but we have a lot of fun!

It was sad to hear that President Packer passed away. He and Elder
Perry both gave great talks in the last conference. It is interesting
to note that they both spoke about the reality of Eternal families. I
am grateful for their last talks!

All the best to Matt on his new experience! He is going to be great,
and he will meet great people! I am very excited for him!

Take care of Buddy!

Love Elder Stewart

Elder Clawson and Elder Stewart

Elder Jorgenson and Elder Stewart

Elder Linderman and Elder Stewart

Elder Price and Elder Stewart

 Elder Ostergaard and Elder Stewart

The Gjegjaj Family

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