Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prishtina is Fantastic!

This week has been great. Missions are pretty awesome.

The highlight of the week was definitely our cooking job for the
brunch thing in between conference sessions on Sunday. Elder McGrath
and I threw together pudding pie, and brownies really fast on Saturday
night. They were both... TERRIBLE! they didn't turn out at all. They
said the pudding pie tasted like cigarettes. We got a pretty good kick
out of that. The other elders commented that it was good their
investigator didn't try it because he is quitting smoking, and
probably would have been driven back to smoking. it was hilarious. The
other elders scorched their stuff in the oven! The sisters, and Sister
Bodell the branch presidents wife pulled through though so people
didn't starve. It was MHB if you know what I mean.

We have been working out with the other Elders in the morning. It is
pretty funny. We do a rotation of a bunch of different workouts. Today
was Yoga Monday. I felt like I was going to die. Arms, abs, legs,
cardio, and a bunch of other workout things that I don't know their
names I can do, but yoga is hard!!

We ave been passing out English flyers this week, Our English course
starts on Tuesday. That should be fun. I like teaching English. People
here are very gifted English learners. It is quite impressive!

We saw conference this weekend. We managed to get a couple of
investigators there to a couple of sessions. We have one investigator
who came to the Saturday morning session. He quickly made friends with
a few of the guys. He is about 21. He ended up staying for both
sessions, and then went to hang out with one of the members. How
awesome is that?? He is Catholic, but super open. He loved conference,
and want s to come to sacrament next week. I have very high hopes for

We had another investigator come for the Saturday afternoon session.
It was great because we had those Joseph Smith pamphlets they used in
the conference, and we gave them to our investigators. Another thing
that our investigators loved was the music. They loves the Hymns. The
MoTab does a pretty good job of showing them off I guess! It was
really cool to see them sing as well because Motra Faveros mom is in
the choir. The investigators, and the branch loved that.

Our Sunday morning investigator was a guy coming to us for half
English, half religion. He informed us this week however that he
doesn't have a lot of time so he want shorter lessons cutting out the
English, and more religion. This was great news, like we are fine
teaching English, but now we see where his heart really is. He like

On Wednesday we had a second lesson with a guy, and he stayed for
institute after. He loved institute. He was a great participant. Elder
McGrath and I ended up teaching it because the teacher didn't show up.
It went very well. The branch is awesome!

The money is coming in on Friday... or Saturday... or Sunday... or it
didn't come in and Elder Clawson and Jorgenson have a very mad land
lord who is threatening to kick them out for not paying rent. In
between conference sessions we were all at the church, and the
landlord found us there, and asked who was the boss. Elder McGrath was
like uhhh... he is and pointed at me. That made the guy mad because he
obviously knew I wasn't the boss. He got mad at us and the church for
not paying him rent, and said he was kicking them out if they didn't
pay. Maybe a sleepover tonight because they might be homeless. They
packed emergency bags because the money still isn't in their account
from Tirana. (Editor's Note: By the time he had logged off, they got word that the rent had been all is well. :)

We have had a great time contacting on the boulevard here in
Prishtina. It is a beautiful city, and the people are super nice.
There is a cool statue of Skenderbeu and Mother Theresa right by where
we contact so that is kind of cool. Contacting has proven very
effective. We have found a lot of people. I haven't tracted yet here
in Prishtina just because of how effective contacting has been.
Finding is a lot like how it was in Elbasan for Elder Austin and I.

The food here is super good. They have a very large variety of food
including Thai food, and hamburgers. the traditional food is great
here too though!
The language is similiar, but definitely different. For example,  we say
"can come today?" in Albania is Ne mund të vijmë sot but here we say Na
mujna me ardh sot. Or "I have to go" Kam për të shkuar in Albania and Kam me shkue here in Kosovo.

Have a great week, and take Buddy on walks!

Love Elder Stewart

First night in Prishtina with Elder McGrath

A Mazerati in Kosovo! Cool!

Hot Chocolate Vending Machine. We want one of these in our house.

Tango juice. Very popular with all the missionaries.

Orange Halloween lights we sent him to decorate for Halloween. They made it there in record time!

It's Fall there too!

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  1. Elder Stewart, you are totally BOSS! Love the eerily thoughtful Halloween photo. Of course, the boys love you and the car. Sounds like there's plenty of people to teach in Kosovo- and you are teaching us too. Googled Skenderbeu and had a history lesson :)