Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Football Craziness and Fleeting Investigators

This week was good.

Culturally this week was crazy because Albania played Serbia in a game
that went absolutely wild, and ended up getting called off early by
FIFA. I have heard part of the story. I am sure you can look it up and
find more. Kosovars all consider themselves to be Albanians. They are
huge fans of the Albanian national team, and they have had a lot of
problems with Serbia in the past. We were out contacting the afternoon
of the game, and as gametime started rolling around the streets
started going crazy. EVERYONE was running around in black and red
flying flags, and singing chants. They had a massive TV set up in the
square, and the city was going crazy... and the game hadn't even
started yet. We weren't outside for the game, but we could hear it. I
am pretty sure the whole city (other than the missionaries) was
watching it. In the morning when we went out to contact the city was
still going crazy. There were large groups of young people running
around with horns and flags yelling a funny little rhyme thing that
the team has. It was like no sporting events or fans I have ever seen,
and I have seen my fair share.

As far as missionary work goes it was a pretty tough week. Our first
three lessons of the week were people telling us that for one reason
of another they didn't want to meet anymore. That was super tough
because they were cool. Also we had an investigator go to Sweden, and
another to America. They are both supposed to be back... sometime! We
have been trying super hard to find prepared people, and to get the
Spirit in our lessons. For the most part I think we have had it.. I
guess that is why getting dropped really stings.

On a good note, our area has two recent converts (converted this year)
and we couldn't get a hold of either of them. This week we finally got
a hold of one of them, and had two lessons with him. It turns out he
has just been all over Europe, and that is why we couldn't get a hold
of him. We as well as many members of the branch were relieved that he
came back, and isn't lost. Here is hoping we can track down the other
one. We managed to get President Weidmann in on our second lesson with
him. It was the coolest lesson ever. At first we were doing the
standard translation thing, but then we got onto the topic of
languages and the RC went off in french.. and President Weidmann
followed. That is where we lost control of that part of that lesson
and Awesome happened. Who knew President Weidmann spoke French
fluently?? That man never ceases to amaze me.

President and Sister Weidmann were here for Saturday and Sunday for
our branch conference. It was great to see them. The branch loved
meeting them. They are very impressive people. It has been great
getting to know them a little bit better. Our branch got a new second
Councillor. He is 24, and as good as or better than any I have ever
seen in Canada. This guy is phenomenal. He is also our Ward Mission
Leader right now. He has been a convert of about 5 months. He is
amazing. President Weidmann and Sister Weidmann gave our ward some
good trainings for sacrament. It was great because a lady who just got
baptized not to long ago brought two new investigating families to
church. The sisters are going to start teaching them both. That was a
miracle. They both look very promising, and they would start our
primary and youth programs.

This week a bakery opened by our house so we have a good place to eat.
It is really nice. Elder Clawson and I are having a competition to
become their favourites. They called Elder Clawson "stewart" once so I
think I am winning! It is a family buisness, and I am really tight
with the mom, the 16 year old son, and the 7 year old girl. I would
write their names, but apparently I am not supposed to. Anyway, I like
going there.

We got to give an embassy worker a blessing this week. He is here for
a couple of weeks, and has been at church. He has strep throat. All
four of us Elders drove over there one day at lunch. I anointed, and
Elder Clawson gave the blessing. It was cool to be able to do that.

All in all a good week!

Take Buddy on some walks!

Love, Elder Stewart

Elder Stewart and Elder Clawson looking not too sure about what they are eating!

Interesting Mediterranean type food. Love the olives!!

Missionaries have long days! Falling asleep during morning scripture study is probably somewhat common!

A cool "Star Wars" looking building in Prishtina

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  1. 1. Thanks for your insights to that crazy match
    2. When Awesome happens, it's pretty remarkable. It's nice to observe it...and I know you've been in on it once or twice as well :)