Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Getting Chilly but Fantastic...

Well this week is the first week I can honestly say that I have been
freezing cold. Snow hit on Thursday I think, and it has been a very
cold existence ever since. I am putting my coats, and gloves, and
touques, and liners, and long johns, and long sleeves, and sweaters,
and neck warmers, and scarves, and socks all to good use. It was so
exciting to see snow. It is beautiful here.

We have been street contacting for a lot of the week so we get a lot
of exposure to the cold. Surprisingly people still talk to us. In fact
on the coldest morning we got the most numbers. This winter is
predicted to be the coldest in the last 10! I am excited!

We had a really cool day on Tuesday. We picked up a new investigator
who was really nice, and interested. He had a lot of good insights,
and fantastic questions. The lesson ended up going an hour, but it
felt like it flew by. We have since met him again, and we brought an
amazing member with us. He got baptized a couple of months ago. They
clicked very well. The investigator is honestly searching. He is 21
years old. We are meeting with him again tonight. I have very high
hopes for him!

Another cool thing that happened this week was on Tuesday as well. We
were teaching English course, and I started getting calls from a
random number. I was teaching so I couldn't take the call. After
course I called the number back, and we set up a point to meet because
he wanted to learn. It turned out to be a dad, a mom, and four kids.
We had the same member help us out with their lesson. They also had a
ton of questions. We are meeting them tonight as well. I am very
excited. It could be awesome. Pray for us!

I had an exchange with Elder Jorgenson this week. It was really great
to be with him for a day. We had a lot of fun, and he is a great

We carved pumpkins today for pday. It was really fun. We went out and
found them all this morning at the market. They look great. Our
Halloween party got cancelled. Turns out Halloween is less of a thing
here than we thought it was!

Elder McGrath and I are having a great time out here, He is really fun
to serve with. Prishtina has been a fantastic experience

Take Buddy on Walks!

Love Elder Stewart!

You all have a shout out from the other Prishtina Elders!

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