Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Zone Conference was Awesome and Cool Texting Idea!

This week we had our Zone Conference. President and Sister Weidmann
are amazing! They are giving this assignment everything they have.
They are always looking for ways to refine our mission, and to make us
better than we are. They are also super loving and caring. There is no
doubt in my mind that they love Christ, and have a strong desire to
serve him. Since they have come the mission has had some changes
instituted. I can't remember who said it, but we saw a quote that said
something to the effect of that the Lord will always call the right
mission president at the right time. It is totally true. I loved
President and Sister Ford, and I love the Weidmanns, but they are very

At Zone conference they presented new mission objectives. The first is
that we are going to try harder to work with those that are prepared,
specifically looking to work with entire families rather than
individuals. The second was that we are going to try and work with the
Priesthood leadership. We have been encouraged to pick a leader in our
area and establish daily contact with them to keep them updated on the
work, and to receive advice. We are now a stake in Albania. Previously
missionaries have kind of run the church. We are now trying to have
the people here running the church with us as their helpers. As a
result every night Elder Rasband and I have been talking to a High
councilor from our ward daily. We fill him in, and pray on the phone.
He is the nicest guy, and he loves talking to us. We really enjoy
talking to him. Elder Foster and Muncy talk with the bishop every
night. Elder Austin and Ashler talk with the Ward Mission leader. We
set it up pretty well as to hit all levels of local leadership. We
still talk to the bishop and Ward Mission Leader quite often too
though. The third objective was to set a new baptismal date every
week. All three kind of seem like an "Oh of course I am trying to do
that", but I really like how he presented them. I am a huge fan of
check lists. I love the mission unity that the Weidmanns are bringing.
It has sure helped our companionship.

We had a really cool experience this last week that was in direct
correlation with those goals. We felt inspired to go to a family in
the ward. We went out to their house, and found that the ladies mom
had died recently, and they were in mourning. We had a really good
short spiritual lesson on eternal families. Before the lesson we met
the son, and one of his friends. His friend was very interested, and
actually sat in on the lesson. He enjoyed it and invited us to his
house. We met with he and his family last night, and he and his mom
accepted baptism. Outside their house we also met another very
interested man. We are visiting him tonight.

Another very cool thing that President Weidmann has been doing is he
sends us a text message every morning. They are a quick spiritual
thought, and they really direct our work for that day.

The Pope came to Albania this week. It was a huge event. I look
forward to the day that the Prophet gets as much publicity as the
Pope! I was very impressed that the Pope was well received! After all
a large percentage of these people consider themselves Muslim! Albania
is known for religious harmony though!

This week the Stake president addressed our ward. He talked about
living the celestial laws. He brought up Obediance, Sacrifice,
Consecration, and faithfulness. Something to think about anyway.

Have a great week, and take good care of Buddy!

Love Elder Stewart

The Farrici Family. They are a great member family who take good care of the missionaries. LAst week, they taught Elder Stewart how to make byrek.

Gramos - Their apartment security guy who is kind to them.

A young boy who they are pals with.

An interesting kind of fruit Elder Stewart didn't know the name of. It was not his favourite. :)

On their P-day, they went and explored Skenderbeus Castle. It is about 40 minutes from Durres.

Looks a little bit like the Rock Ramble by Georgian Bay that we have gone to many summers.

The "Great Wall" of Skenderbeus!

Ok...I want to go there...

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