Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Durres is becoming Home!

We have had a great week this week. We have had a lot of stuff coming together.

This week one of our English Course students talked to his parents and
they invited us to their house. His name is F. He is 10. We met
with him and his mom, and his aunt. They have relatives in Greece who
changed from Muslim to Christian. They are pretty open to the idea.
They are very nice people. We hope to meet with the whole family.
F is the man. We are pretty good friends.

This week we also got some other new investigators. One day while
street contacting a few weeks ago we met a girl named E. She is
30. She had met with missionaries before. We finally got an
appointment with her. It was a really funny story. The night before
her lesson we had a lesson with D. We taught about member
missionary work. We have had some very fun lessons at their house. At
the end D was dead set on the fact that there was no way she
could be a missionary yet. with a little bit of talking we showed her
how she already was being a missionary. She is a really good lady so
it wasn't hard to pick out specific examples. She came around and
eventually she agreed to walk a 9 year old girl (S) to church.
On top of that she then volunteered to help us with lessons. We had
our lesson with E the next day so we set that up. That night while
planning for the next day we needed to find a guy. We were having no
sucess. We ended up sending out a mass text to see if anyone would
respond. A responded and said he would help us. So that was
great. We all met at the center together. As soon as we sat down
another guy we had texted walked in. We then had three members! 2 is a
lot. 3 is a ton because Albanians by nature love to talk. D and
E got right into Albanian female talk. We got around to the
lesson. It was going great, and then Emiliano went off on a gospel
tangent. A has served a mini mission so he was sitting in the
corner like 'what the heck is going on?' We pulled it all back
together. Everyone bore their testimony.E loved it. it was
intense, but awesome. She is now on a baptismal date for the middle of
October. Yeah! We are meeting again tomorrow!

One of my favourite parts of missionary life is meeting all of the
locals, and just living the Albanian life. We get to become pretty
good friends with all kinds of people, and we can connect. There are
just those people. It is hard to explain. People we buy stuff from.
People we walk past every single day. People whos houses we have
tracted into. People who cut our hair. People with nearby buisnesses.
Kids we meet in the street. It is tough to explain, but it is awesome
to become so fully immersed in it. Especially now that I have been in
Durrës for quite a few months I have some really good friends.

Also I have become an expert power napper. I am fast asleep in a minute or less.

The work is awesome. It is always a great time!

Have a great week. Take Buddy on walks!

Love Elder Stewart

PS> Tonight we are being taught how to make byrek!


  1. I have a feeling the power napping gift is gonna serve you well in this life.

  2. It's a fact that "home is where the heart is" and it's nice to hear your stories of your everyday interactions; I can tell your heart is at home there!