Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Surprise Slap, 19th Birthday and Transfer to Kosovo!

This week has been really good. I am in heaven out here serving these
people. It is definitely the hardest work I have ever done, but every
day is so worth it!

This week we had a cool experience when we found another new
investigator named E. We walked out into an area in Spitall. It
takes a while, and last minute the guy cancelled. We were pretty
dissappointed because it was a very promising family and he gave us a
pretty hard no. So we walked out into the street from his house and
ran into E. He was right there. He accepted our invitation to
learn and lead us to his house. We never would have gone to his house
if he hadn't found us. We had a good restoration lesson. Hopefully he
continues. It was pretty clear we were lead there though.

This week was my Birthday. The other Elders had a little surprise
thing at the center for me just before lunch. There was cake and stuff
so it was really cool! It was the same type of thing as we did with
Elder Ashler a while back. We all went to lunch together as well. It
was a good day. It was filled with teaching appointments, and I figure
that is the way a missionary birthday should be! It is crazy to be 19
now though! I am an old man!

This week we came to the end of our Milka Quest! The final matchup is
Oreo vs Smore. I will let you know. We have put many nights into the
Milka Quest. I will take a picture of the board and send it to you!
There are at least 20 participants.

This week I met a crazy kid. So there I was walking down the street.
We were talking with everyone trying to start up a conversation. We
had finished up our lessons for the day and it was almost time to head
inside. Three 16ish year old boys were walking towards us and I gave
them a smile and a whats up. The middle one backhanded me across the
face. It was a stinger. I was pretty surprised actually. I felt like
one of the apostles in the Bible being happy to get smacked for
representing Christ. I didn't know what to say so I just said
goodnight and kept walking.

Transfer calls came. It is always pretty nerve racking. Where? With
who? Doing what? Who keeps our area? I think it will all work out.
President Weidmann has proven to be a very inspired man. I will be
serving in Prishtina Kosovo. I will be with Elder McGrath. He has 6
months left. We will be with Elder Clawson and Elder Jorgenson. They
are the North Zone Leaders. We will also have two sisters, but I
haven't been able to figure out who yet. I am going to be a district
leader for my first time. I am excited to see how it all plays out.
Elder Austin was there and he loved it. I trust his opinion! Elder
Rasband will be staying here in Durrës with Elder Matsen. Dad and I
met his Aunt at the family history center the day before I reported
and I brought a letter over for him. Anyway, Elder Austin is off to
Shkoder. Elder Ashler it off to Tirana. Elder Muncy is staying here in
Durres. Elder Gray is going back to Vlore. Elder Baldwin is in Elbasan
with an Albanian companion. I feel like that is a pretty good report.

I am looking forward to some good times ahead and very grateful for my
time in Durrës, and for this transfer with Elder Rasband!

Good luck to all you marathoners!!

Take Buddy on walks.

Love Elder Stewart

The Youth in Durres - Elder Stewart loves the youth...and I think they love him.

Ward members in Durres. He will be so sad to leave them.

The Milka Challenge?

Elder Stewart and Elder Rasband

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