Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Canada Day and Mission Conference with his New President

Well it looks and sounds like you all had a great week. I have as well!

This week we had our zone conference, and we met our mission
president! He is a great guy, and his wife seems very cool as well.
They had a great powerpoint presentation. They speak great English.
Sister Weidmann knows 5 languages. They told us about themselves. Me
and my shy self didn't really talk to them. They had us all stand up
row by row and give them a handshake at the start of the meeting
though so I kind of met him.

We had a lunch afterwards where we saw all of the other missionaries.
I am really starting to enjoy them. I am getting to know all of the
missionaries fairly well so it is fun to see them all every onve and a
while. i take quite the beating every once and a while for being from
Canada so they all quite enjoyed it when I had plates, napkins, and
flags to give away and eat with. Thanks mom!!

Elder Rasband is a really cool guy. We are having a fun time serving
together. He is pretty good at Albanian! I am pretty sure he is better
than I was when I left the MTC. He really likes to talk. He is very
good at trying to connect with people. He is into music.

This week we have been super blessed. Currently we have 3 referrals.
We came into the transfer with one (B), and then this week E
brought his friend J to us, and then on Sunday the Farrici family
brought a 14 year old boy named E to church. I have never had this
many referrals in my life. It is so great!

B is rapidly progressing. She is still on for her baptism on the 19
of this month. She has been learning for just over a year, but now she
has finally got serious about it. She is keeping commitments. The ward
really likes her. The Cani family is great. They have done a great job
opening up their home for her to learn. Her older brother is very
against us so we can't meet in her home. The Cani family has fed us a
little bit of traditional albanian too. They have done a great job
making Elder Rasband feel welcome in the country. Henry Cani is 11. We
are buds. He gets a kick out of the fact that my last name is Stewart
and I am small. We are pretty tight.

J is 19. He is a super nice kid. He is looking for direction. He
has been searching for a while. When he was 13 he started smoking, and
turned gay. He has been living the party life. He moved out of his
parents house and has his own apartment. He has seen something missing
in his life, and he is amazed by the change in E (his good friend). He is curious. He
is smart. I can see him having a ton of potential. We have met with
him twice. He came to church too. It was a really cool story. We got
him to commit to come to church on Saturday. On Sunday morning we went
to meet him for church, but he wasn't outside waiting for us, so we
knocked on his door. We each knocked about 3 times. We were there for
just over 5 min waiting and knocking. Finally we decided to leave and
were walking away from the door when we had a pretty strong prompting
to pray. We prayed and knocked on the door one more time, and he
answered. That was one of the most direct most easy to see spiritual
prompting/God answers prayers stories of my life. He came to church
and everyone was nice to him. He participated well in the second and
third hours of church.

We don't know much about E, but last week we went to the Farrici
house and challenged them to each invite a friend to hear the gospel
in the next week. We followed up a week later on Saturday night, and
then on Sunday they had E in church. I guess working through the
members does work! haha

I currently have a very large number of 7-14 year old boys who know my
name. I joke around with some of them sometimes. Every once and a
while I hear someone yell Stewart and I turn around to see a couple of
boys. They are pretty cool. Fun to talk to. There are a lot of them! I
am getting famous.

I hope you continue to have a great summer!

Walk Buddy!

Love Elder Stewart
Elder Stewart and the other trainers. He says he's actually tall compared to most people but all the other trainers are "giants". :) So, he looks a little short here!

Elder Stewart and Elder Rasband when they first met and became companions.

An old amphitheater in Durres. It looks like ones we saw in Italy!

Canada Day was celebrated for him at a Mission Conference. We were so glad the supplies got there in time!

Elder Aper and Sister Boettinger - other fellow Canadians in the Adriatic South Mission

This sign says that the restaurant is closed for Ramadan. Lots of things shut down.

A mother and her daughter that Elder Stewart visits quite often and he says they are the nicest people.  Sis Halluli's son, Genaldi, was in the MTC with Parker.

Dinner they cooked at the Institute building on Sunday. IT was Fast Sunday so everyone was VERY hungry. Elder Stewart said they all descended on the food very quickly!!

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