Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fruit, Figs and Fantastic Adventures

So it has been a crazy week, but for the most part a good one!

It started with a bit of a downer. Elder Befus (Elder Gray's new companion) went home on Tuesday.
That was a hit to our district. It was obviously toughest on him, but
it was a rough go for Elder Gray too. Obviously it will all work out
for the best. Elder Gray is up in Gjakova, Kosovo now. There was a mini
missionary serving up there so the mini went home, and now Elder Gray
is there. He was excited, but nervous for the language change. It is
harder to understand people up there. He will be fine though. It was
tough to see him go. we are really good friends, and were looking
forward to training together, and serving together in the same
district. Life goes on though and Elder Befus will be back in 6

The Weidmanns (New mission president and his wife) were in Durrës on Saturday, and they came to our
house with the AP's and we had an hour long get to know thing. It was
really nice. I think it is great of them to try to get to know all of
the missionaries.

I have failed to mention in my emails just how awesome I think the
fruit market is here. We stop by weekly and stock up on good stuff.
The thing that blows my mind is the seasons of fruit. In Canada if we
wnt strawberries we just go to the store and get them. It is the same
way with every fruit. Here we can only buy certain fruits at certain
times. Every week there is something new, and something missing. Elder
Rasband is huge into figs. I didn't even know what a fig looked like,
but they are super good. Personally I think they are natures
equivalent of a big mac.They taste similar in my opinion. No one else
thinks so but... I am right and you should all try a fig. This week at
the market they have grapes and pinapples and lemons. They didn't
really have those last week. Strawberries are over. Lemon season is on
and there are lemons everywhere. The watermelon here is so good! There
is just something about the fruit market that I think is awesome.
Anyway.. end of rant.

We have been blessed with people to tech this week! Brother Farrici
introduced us to a family this week. He brought the son E to church
last week. This week we had a lesson with him and his dad, and then
another one with their whole family. They all committed to be
baptized! Right now they are on track for August 23. We will work with
them a lot. They have a lot of desire. They are from very humble
circumstances. Their house is euivalent to my bedroom at home with a
cupboard kitchen/entry way off of the side. We are so looking forward
to working with them. At church we learned about the Sabbath day. He
asked the techer about it and explained that he has to work on the
Sunday or his family won't eat. I had no idea what the teacher was
going to say, but she said try it once and you will see. The Lord will
provide a way. After church he did not work. We saw them that night,
and he was all smiles. I am confident the Lord will uphold his end of
the Sabbath day promise. That took a ton of faith for him not to work

We are now working with A. He is the greatest.. EVER. I  don't
know what to say more. He quit smoking! He has been a full week
without smokes. He did it all through prayer and sheer willpower. He
says he is never going back. He is now moving through the Book of
Mormon at lightning speed. It is weird to think that just a few months
ago Elder Gray and I were walking out of a very unconvincing first
lesson. We weren't sure it was going anywhere, but man... he is

Joani is often with drugs and alcohol. It is so sad. He has potential.
We will keep trying. We have some other investigators, but those are
the highlights.

Elder Rasband and I started what we are calling the "Milka quest". We
set up a bracket of milka chocolate bars, and we are trying them two
at a time to see which one is best. So far Oreo is the predicted
winner. It is weird they have oreo chocolate bars here, but not oreos!
Thanks to Mom I have Oreos though! The "Milka quest" is fun. Milka
makes some really good chocolate!

I have heard from many people that Buddy has been walked so I
congratulate and thank you! Keep up the good work throughout the
summer! Happy travels!

Love Elder Stewart
Elder Stewart's shirt after being pooped on by a bird. His third time while in Durres. Elder Gray especially got a laugh out of this as he was with Elder Stewart all three times and avoided getting hit each time! :)

Elder Stewart and Elder Rasband at the end of a day when they got rained on all day. They look a little wet! They both think their ties are wrecked now!

Elder Stewart, Elder Rasband and Pres and Sis Weidmann.

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