Monday, May 5, 2014

Durres Week 5

This week has been fantastic!! The first thing that made this week really great was serving the Telhaj family. I think I mentioned them before. They have been members for about a year and a half, but they have gone inactive. Finances and life just caught up to them. We have been trying so hard to get them to come back. This week we decided to serve them. We called them up and decided to try and help relieve the stress. THeir yard.. to be garden was a weed mess so we volunteered to clear it for them. I sent you the pics before and afters of one side of the yard. Elders Clawson and Watson came with us, and the four of us and Vellai Telhaj cleared their whole yard. It was hard work in the burning son. I can't imagine doing that by myself on top of trying to support a family without being able to find a job. He was so grateful, and he came to church on Sunday!! We will have them sealed as an eternal family yet!! Also at church he bore his testimony, and I could tell he felt something. So he has a testimony. It is sweet. His family wasn't at church, but we will keep at it.

K. is going the distance. So last week the smoking problem hit us like a train and we were scrambling. We did everything we could. We promised blessings, and in the end the Lord pulled through for us. He read the Word of Wisdom pamflet. He knew it was right. In the middle of the week he figured out his neighbour sells the gum to help with a smoking problem. He quit smoking on his own. We had a lesson with him in it on saturday night. He told us that and Elder Gray and I almost jumped out of our seats with excitement. We both agree that was the best part of our mission so far. He gave all credit to God. In his story he personally pointed out Gods hand throughout the week. He told us God led him to his neighbour. He said quitting smoking was a lot easier because he was able to pray to God on a daily basis. He said this is incredible. Are there any other commandments I should know about? He had the chance to drink with his friends at a party music this week, and he said no!! He had a chance to smoke with some friends this week and he didn't. He recognized that living the Word of Wisdom would not be easy, but he knows it is best. He said he knows his swimming and school will improve. I know they will. Also he decided to eat vegetables. That was the cherry on the cake! His baptism is set for the 17. We gave him two options. The 17 or the 24. He said the 17 but he needs to pray about it. He is a sweet kid. Elder Gray and I both love him! He came to church this week again so that was awesome. That is his third time!

This week we began teaching a Mom and a Daughter. We found them last week, and I think i may have mentioned them, but they are super awesome!! Their names are X. and B. X. is 13 I believe, and  B. is her mom. We had a fantastic first lesson on the restoration with them. Aida (a member) bore powerful testimony. They committed to baptism on the 24 of May, and are holding us to it. We also had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation. They came to church and brought their sister in-law. They are doing super well. We are being seriously blessed with people to teach.

M. and her family are doing well. They are on track for baptism on the 31. The Restored gospel is a very powerful message. Eternal families are a great thing. They live a long ways away from our house so it is a long walk, but it is always so worth it!

We have had a lot of fun here with our district. We played soccer with the Young Men, and it was really fun. We eat lunch together quite often. We all love pizza and suflaqes!

Elder Gray and I cooked this week for Sunday dinner for all of us. It turned out good. You have a picture. Noddles and sauce, and carrots. Also toast and nutella because of our recent purchase.

Take Buddy on walks!!

Love, Elder Stewart

Telhaj family's yard BEFORE

Telhaj family's yard AFTER

Pizza with his Zone!

The pizza box - Hannah wanted us to try calling the number. :)

Soccer with the YM

Noodles, carrots and sauce. Looks pretty edible!

Nice cookware! We were impressed!

The closest thing he could get to cake for Matt's birthday. If you look closely, it says, "Happy Bday Matt" in Nutella.

Their fast offering. Looks quite familiar - just a different language! 2000 lek equates to $21 Canadian.

PDay in the hills. Pretty green there!

His "Happy Mother's Day" photo. :)

Beautiful Coastline

The Elders in Durres

Look what he found in Durres! Guess I don't need to mail anymore of those!

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