Tuesday, May 13, 2014

After Mother's Day in Durres

That was fun talking to you yesterday!  It was good to see you all doing well! Thanks for walking Buddy yesterday!

Well I filled you in on most of the details. Unfortunately K has dropped us. When God gives he can take away. Hopefully he helps K find his way back. If not for us for some missionaries in the future. The worst part was he just texted us. We haven't talked to him in person. Something must have happened. We know he went back to smoking, and was really disappointed in himself. We will keep trying to contact him!

M is going with her son to Italy next week, and will be gone for three months. She can't be baptized in that unstable situation so for the foreseeable future she will just have to try and keep her faith strong. We will vizit her right up until the day she leaves. We have found all of the churches near her house in Italy. Hopefully she will go there, and continue to read and pray.

X and Bu are doing well. They came to church again. Xh is around Saras age, and she loves learning. They are scheduled to be baptized on May 24. They have to continue to 'prove' themselves. They have to be strong in their testimonies before they get baptized. It looks like they are going to go the distance, but I have said that for a lot of investigators thus far. We have faith that they are the real deal!

Elder Gray and I street contacted a man named Astriti. He is 44. He is very nice. We have had two lessons with him. He is reading, and praying. He came to church for three hours. He is on a baptismal date for june 14. He really liked church, and is coming to the priesthood activity on saturday night. We will meet with him throughout the week.

While we worki like dogs we have a lot of fun here too! This week before Zone conference we got waffles and ice cream as a district! They were amazing. After Zone conference we found a street vender selling handguns that are actually cigarette lighters. Crazy.

This week we saw a car from Ontario! Crazy!!

This week to find some investigators Elder Gray and I went tabeling with Elders Watson and Clawson. It was very successful. We were able to talk with a lot of people, and it was a really fun activity. We had a pretty cool Book of Mormon display going on. It was a hit! It was good to switch up our finding methods a little bit.
I hope you have a great week! Thanks for your support!

Love you lots. Happy Mothers day to Mom, Nana, Grandma, and all of my Aunts! Happy Mothers day to all of the rest of the mothers!!

Take Buddy on walks!

Love, Elder Stewart

Before Zone Conference, they all stopped for street waffles. Amazing!!

Elder Gray, Elder Stewart, Elder Watson and Elder Clawson did some "tableing" this week. It was a good way to switch up their finding method.

While tableing, they met this artist who said he met the first ever Elders to serve in Albania He was very kind and wanted to do caricatures of them.

Lunchtime! Looks pretty good....They often buy lunch on the street. It's quite cheap and yummy. (And some of the meals sound very high in calories!!!:)  )

This is a very friendly couple who are not members but love the missionaries and even feed them sometimes!
This was the meal they fed them. Elder Stewart said it was delicious!!!

What morning study and prep time looks like every morning!

Comparing photos from everyone's skype session with family. President Ford let them all have 3 hours. WE were so happy!

This is the picture he took os us while skyping. This years Christmas photo???

The coastline on pday.

On P-day, they explored the coast. He's holding an Albanian Book of Mormon.

This is the picture we took of him while skyping. It was remarkable!!!

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