Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An Earthquake, New Investigators and Albanian Food

So we had an earthquake on Sunday night into Monday. I woke up, and was getting shaken all around in my bed. It was pretty cool, but we lost power for a whole day. So I am emailing tonight instead! (One day later than we usually get his letter. So, we were really relieved to get it! We had heard that there was an earthquake there...)
So this week has been another great week here in Albania. We have not had record breaking amounts of rain, but we have had a lot of rain none the less. It hasn't been cold though. It is just really wet.. you know that way it is when water falls from the sky. We have had some good times. I like contacting in the rain because we just stop under store roofs, and we have a contained audience. They have two options.. listen to us or get soaked.

We had a good lesson with X and her mom B this week. We were a little scared for it, but we prayed hard and went into it. We taught tithing. It was our first tithes and offerings lesson as a companionship. They accepted everything, and were extremely happy.. like the happiest they have ever been. Something has rung true to them. B still is not sure about baptism, but X is scheduled for the 31. B feels it so I think she will come around eventually. It may just take a little while.

A is awesome. He is Dads age. He has now been to church twice, and he came to the Priesthood activity. He has now interacted with members. In Elders quorum his comments outdid most of the members. The big challenge now is getting him to quit smoking. He has the testimony to do it. He just needs to stop. Our next lesson with him will be Word of Wisdom. We are using Vellai Balla again. He has the know how, experience, and a very powerful testimony. I am not worried.

A 19 year old guy who we met on the road came to church this week. He met with missionaries 5 years ago and wasn't ready then, but he has an unreal fire right now. I think he is the real deal. We have a lot of faith.

We have met some new investigators this week. We have contacted a lot of people. Elder Gray and I were talking about it, and we wish we had a counter that told us how many people we talked to in a day. It would be a lot!

We have done some fun things this week. Elder Gray and I really get along with the other Elders here. We have eaten lunch together a couple of times. We made Crepes one day. Elder Watson made an amazing shepherds pie this week. If you ever find easy and quick recipes I am in the market. (If you read this and have any for him, please send them!!)

I caught a lizard this week. That was pretty cool. Also I took a picture of Suflaqes so that you can see what they look like. 

Durrës is awesome. The work is going well. We had a district fast this week because as always we are trying to increase the harvest! Elder Gray and I get along very well, and we both have the same mindset. It consists of lots of work, sleep, and food.. and occasionally some other out of the ordinary things to keep life interesting. It is sweet though because he hates spending money too so we do well on funds! We both love playing soccer with the youth as well, and we brought an investigator this week so that was great!

Thanks you for taking Buddy on all of those walks!!

Love Elder Stewart 

A field of random stray dogs. This is a common sight.

Looks like a fair amount of rain!!! Guess he got a new umbrella.... :)


These are suflages that they buy on the street for very cheap. Looks like hardly any calories at all, don't you think?  Sara thinks they look delicious!

A ward dinner. Elder Stewart liked the sausages but was informed they were made from cat.

The lizard he caught. Elder Stewart has always had a love for catch and release of small critters. He has spent HOURS doing this in the past, so it's nice to see some things don't change! :)

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