Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zone Conferences

This week we had two Zone Conferences. We organized them. The first
was in Durrës with the Durrës and Vlorë zones. The second was in
Prishtina with the Prishtina and Tirana Zones. They both went great. I
will send you the programs so that you can see a little bit about how
it worked. Everything went great. Our training had to do with inviting
people. We had a powerpoint and did a lot of role plays talking with
people and inviting them. We took pictures of people that we see on a
daily basis and had peopl talk with them and start conversations. I
attatched a few of them. Everyone really liked it. President Weidmann
gave a very good explanation of the importance of obedience. Sister
Weidamnn told the story of a man pushing a rock. God told him to go
and push it daily. In the end he didn't move the rock at all and felt
like a failure. God said, "I didn't tell you to move the rock, but I
told you to push it. Look at all of the strength you have received.I
will now move the rock." It kind of reminded me of that scripture in
1st Corinthians where it talks about the peopl working but in the end
it is God that gives the fruit. It is so true, and I am grateful that
he has it all under control. It is sure a great work to be a part of.
We all have a great opportuniy to take part. We need to push.. not
lean.. but push.

This week we have been able to work a lot with D. He is the one
that is planning on getting baptized. He is so excited. Earlier this
week he was super stressed, and he said "I just want a break. I want
to break for 2 months, and then I will learn again. We talked him
through it, and gave him a blessing. He is progressing again. He came
to church an hour early to read the scriptures before church. He is
doing great. He has been learning for 7 years. His interview should be
on Saturday.

We had a really cool lesson this week. We met some really cool kids.
They are from ages 17-23. We met the one while picking up a broken car from
the car dealership. The other 2 came to that movie we had a few weeks
ago. We set up a lesson with Andi from the Car dealership at 7:30, and
a lesson with the A and D at 8:30. As it turned out they all
called and informed us that they would be coming just after 8. We
called our main man Ardi Markaj (one of the members) and he came flying
into town. It was a 20 minute ride by moped. He came and helped us.
The plan was to show a short film with them to kind of break the ice,
but there was no one at the church to let us into the bishops office
to get the TV. I resorted to picking th lock because it didn't look to
hard. As I was picking th lock a member of the Stake Presidency opened
the door. It turned out he had been in the bishops office the whole
time. He is a really cool guy though so he thought t was funny and he
let us take the TV. We got the movie going and everything was going
well. At that point President Kashari (of the stake presidency) walks
into the room and asks for the key. He had locked himself out of the
office. While he was in the room we said "Hey President, what is
baptism?" He totally explained baptism and did a great job testifying.
Our friends loved it. I then left the room with him and we called
around to get someone to come to church with the key. There were so
many small miracles in that lesson that all came together to make it

Elder Greener and I have made it our goal to get out of the way. There
are a lot of things that we could do for the ward, but we have decided
to try and help them more from the background. 2nd hour teacher didn't
show up at church so we were supposed to take it. Elder Greener saw a
good opportunity and vollunteered a different lady. She ended up doing
great. She was super scared, but we participated like crazy and she
did great. The same thing happened in 3rd hour, We didn't have a
teacher. It was only missionaries, and one other man. He refused to
teach the lesson, but i got him to team teach it with me. He nailed
it. We gave him a ton of praise, and I know he will be totally happy
to teach another lesson.

Have a great week.

Love Elder Stewart
Frozen Yogurt stop on PDay after soccer with his district.

Elder Cani, Elder Lesi and Elder Velushi - all Albanian elders serving in Durres. Apparently they are "ripping it up". Elder Stewart says that those who serve in their own country have an amazing connection with the people!

At the church in Prishtina after Zone Conference.

On the road back from Prishtina, it was totally flooded.

Eating out with Elder Wright and Elder Fowles, the Zone Leaders.

Albanian fast food - suflage! Looks very healthy!

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