Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cool Experiences and Beautiful Vistas!

Last Monday was pretty interesting. We got a call from some of the
stake people who were all down at EFY. The person who was in charge of
booking the Congress Building for Stake Conference had forgotten and
so they had Elder Greener and I go get it. The people thought it was
pretty funny that we were in there to book the building for a Sunday
less than a month away. Elder Greener and I made up a pretty good
looking form with Elder and Sister White (the office couple). I was a
little scared they were going to be booked, but it turned out the had
space. It was a once in a lifetime experience to book the Congress
Building. The Albania Stake is doing awesome by the way. President
Mema is working very hard.

Tuesday was a good day. We saw the Tafili family. When we got there
the parents weren't home so we spent about 15 minutes kicking the
soccer ball around in the street. It was really fun. Those kids have a
lot of energy. The Tafilis are doing really well. They have now been
members for a year. Their next oldest son turned 8 so he will be
getting baptized this month!

Wednesday we had a huge Zone Service Project. We all went up to
Shkodër and helped at an orphanage. We tried to build a soccer field
behind the orphanage. We got a lot done, but there is still a lot more
to do. It is a process.

We were on a 3 day exchange in Shkodër. I had the chance to serve with
Elders Simons and Penrod for the majority of it. We went there with
the Zone Leaders so we went from 4 to 8 Elders in Shkodër. We worked
really hard and had a very good time. We found a Dad and daughter that
appear to have potential. We had a few devotionals together. I had a
lot of Nerf battles with Elder Simons in the nights and during lunch.
Our opening devotional was on our mission motto. "WE serve with faith,
obedience, diligence, and joy." I fell it was a very inspired motto
from President Weidmann. Without any one of those in life or on a
mission we aren't very well rounded. We need all of them. We had four
missionaries move an egg with the tips of their pointer finger from
one place to another. If any one of them quit paying attention the egg
falls. It worked well.

We had a cool experience last night where we found 3 new
investigators. Two of them we met in the road.

We had a good p-day today. We went out to the Shkenderbeu castle that
I went to last year with Elder Rasband. We went with the majority of
the Tirana Zone and the Durrës District. I hope a picture is worth a
thousand words because this email has to be really short today.

I love you lots! Take Buddy on walks! It is still 3 months before I head home, and the work is
going really well right now. I try not to think about it. I miss you all a lot though!

Take Buddy on lots of walks!

Love Elder Stewart
Shkoder Orphange

Service Project as a Zone

This may take awhile to make a soccer field here!

The whole zone.

Elder Penrod, Elder Simons

Elder Simons and Elder Stewart

Near Shkenderbeau Castle

Elder Greener and Elder Stewart

The Castle

What a view!!

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