Thursday, June 11, 2015

Time Flies when you're Having Fun!

Dear Family,

The days fly by, and I am loving it!

This week has been filled with cool people. One day while walking out
to the car we were talking to the car washers. There is a car wash
right beside where we park. We have made it a goal to get to know the
names of the people we associate with on a general basis. I think the
idea originally stemmed from a story dad told me about how he always
tried to call the nurses at the hospital by their names. Anyway we
went and sat down with M. N then came up and started
talking with us. As we continued talking we met a new guy, O. He
goes to the Evangelical Church. He knows a lot about church stuff. He
seems like a really cool guy. We were able to teach the Restoration to
the 3 of them. The really liked it. N is one of my favourite
people that I have met on my mission. He is great! He is the secrity
of the outdoor parking where we park. His buddy L is the security
man on the other end. Whenever we talk to one the other one radios
across from the other side of the parking lot to say hi. They are just
great guys!

I had a funny exchange with Elder Braden on Wednesday. We had to go
and pick up a new car for the mission in the morning. It turned out to
be a little more complicated than we expected. What was supposed to be
an hour long trip took upwards near 8. It really munched into our day,
but we got the car. We took it to the inspection place to get it ready
for the road, and it failed the inspection.. so the dealership had to
take it and fix it again. We now have it! Thank goodness! I think I am
going to need another exchange with Elder Braden!

E came back this week. We met him and talked about The Living
Christ. It is very powerful. E is very skeptical, but he feels
it. We are shaking everthing he knows. I think he wants to believe. He
is just having a very hard time accepting that Jesus is the Son of
God. The lesson was very powerful. We had a member there. Her name is
Arjola. She is in her early 20's and is very solid. She helped us a
lot. Today E called me and asked if he could go to institute this
week. He went with us once, but hasn't been since. I know he feels
great while at church events. He is currently studying all about Islam
in University so it will be a very big lifstyle change when he gets
baptized. I have faith. He is astonished at the commitment of our

President met a man the other day, and he really wanted to meet. We
met with him, and he was really nice. His name is J. We taught with
President in English. J speaks English, German, and Albanian.
President speaks English and German, and then there is us. The lesson
was mostly in English but switched between the 3. J was very
impressed. He said he will read the Book of Mormon. We will be meeting
again this week! President was a super good teacher. We are trying to
do a lot of the stuff that he did.

Brother S is coming along. We taught about the Word of Wisdom this
week. He really liked it. We are working hard to get him ready for
baptism. We had the opportunity to give him a blessing this week to
give him strength. He appears to want baptism, we just have to help
him along the way. I am sure that if I were a convert I would want the
missionaries to be patient with me. His daughter R reminds me of
Sara, and is really pushing her Dad to get baptised. It is great to

We fasted this week and were extremely blessed. It was miracle after
miracle. We went out to visit Sister B. She was supposed to get
baptized next week, but she has had two deaths in her family. We tried
to see her on Saturday night, but she wasn't home. There was a lady
that looked out of a different door at us, but we didn't think much of
it. We rode the elevator to the bottom, and I said.. we should have
talked with her. She was right there. We awkwardly rode the elevator
back up and went to talk with her. She was super interested, and the
sisters will hopefully meet with her. We went back to the elevator.
The door opened, and there was another lady waiting there. She asked
where we were going. She was going up ans we were going down so we
were waiting for the door to close so that she could go back up, and
she started asking a ton of questions. She got out of the elevator,
and we explained who we are, and what we do. She workd right by the
church, but didn't know about it. She was great!! We gave her the
book, and the sisters should meet with her as well!

Last night we went to visit a less active man and his wife with the
sisters fr the mans birthday. I had never met them, but they were
great! They are the people in those pictures that I sent you.
Following that we went to show the sisters where the B family
lives. They are going to visit them this week wile we are gone. Sister
B was there with her family, and they were all duper happy to
see us. Apparently the funerals went well. Sister B was asking
when she can get baptized. She really wants to get baptised. Before
the month is over she will be. I am so happy for her.

Church was awesome yesterday. We had two cool guys there. The first is
named D. He has investigated before, and has started coming
back to church. He knows a ton. His only struggle is smoking. We are
going to help him overcome it! The second man was a man that Elder
Braden and I contacted on the road. We had about 5 minuted to talk
with people, and we met him. He was late, and didn't know where the
church was so I left with Elder greener right after sacrament
ordinance, and we went and got him. He caught the lad few testimonies,
and stayed for the nest two hours. He is amazing. He loved it, and
really wants to come again. Both are married with children. We love
teaching families! His name is N. He is super awesome. We hit it
off really well.

We drove to Macedonia today to do an exchange. So I am here right now.

I love you all a lot! We are very lucky to have the Gospel in our
lives! Take good care of Buddy!

Love Elder Stewart

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