Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Futbol Unites!

This week we have had a few lessons with a family that lives on the
outskirts of Tirana. We are always really nice to the kids there, and
they like to talk to us. One night we were standing there and talking
to them for a couple of minutes. Within about 5 minutes there were
about 50 neighbourhood children standing around us. We explained what
we were doing and told them a bit about the church. It came to their
attention to that we play futboll on Saturdays and we invited them to
join us. 8 of them came!! It was great. They are Christian boys, and
they are awesome. We liked to pretend they were the stripling
warriors. We thought they were going to come to church, but their
parents said that they had to go to the church that was closer to
their house. We picked them up at 8:15 on Saturday morning, and we
took a 30 min travel to the church and then the field. They loved it
though! It was great. It was one of the cooler things that has
happened while I have been out here. We got to the church to meet the
other people, and we had an army. Our team won 5-0. They were pretty
good! They all come from very poor families and many people don't like
them because of their colour, but we think they are awesome. We want
to teach their families. Their parents really seem to like us!

We were in Prishtina on Monday and Tuesday. We did an exchange. My
good friend B, the baker, was there. I went with Elder Temple, and
Elder Bangerter was with Elder Rasband. Elder Templa and I had a cool
experience where we met 3 really nice teenage boys on the boullivard,
and invited them to come to the church. They loved our churches
standards, and were very interested in learning more. I hope it works
out well for them! It is always good to see Elder Rasband as well!

We have been working very closely with the members. One of our better
lessons this week was with a less active RM. He was Albanias first
missionary. He is a really fun man. He is married and has a 6 year old
daughter. He used to hold many callings in the church, but has fallen
away. We aren't sure why yet, but he was a really fun man to talk to.
He liked telling us about his mission! They have a house dog, and he
reminded me of Buddy!

I sent you a picture of me with the T family a few weeks ago.
 Anyway we had a really great meeting with them this
week. We taught them how to do family home evening. I forgot how much
fun it can be. They have 3 small kids, and it was a blast. They are
becoming very strong. We need strong families!

I recieved my extension until November. I don't know exactly how it
will all work out, but that is the new plan. I am very excited!

I love you all! Take good care of Buddy!

Love Elder Stewart

He finally found one!

Elder Stewart's friend, the baker.


Some of the neighbourhood boys with Elder Bangarter.

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