Monday, March 23, 2015

Life is BUSY in Gjakova

This week we had a cool experience when on monday night we tracted
into a family. They let us in, and we got to know them, and then
started into the lesson. As we were talking they said "We have that
book." They sent the little girl to go grab it. It was a Book of
Mormon. The grandpa had founf it on the street, and took it home
because it said Jesus on the cover! I thought that was amazing. They
were interested to hear about what book they had stumbled upon. So far
we have only managed to have two lessons with them. As a family they
have been through a lot. It is easy to see they have suffered a lot,
and as a result they seem a little hollow, and without life. They were
supposed to be at church this week, but in the end they went to some
family out of town. The gospel will really help them. We both feel
that the fact that they had a Book of Mormon in their house is proof
that they are being prepared.

Our main man the barber is doing well. He needs to decide for himself.
He is just having a very hard time committing himself. He keeps all of
our little commitments, but he is is still just unsure about baptism.
He goes to a local church where he says they all believe, but are not
a part of any faith. He has read all the way to Alma. We were hoping
to see him baptised right away, but it may just make time. We can't
force him to do anything he doesn't want to do. He just has to do it
on his own. I have heard a lot of stories of people who took quite a
while of just reading, and pondering, and praying before they got
baptised. Almost without exception the ones that take their time end
up being the strongest. When this man gets his answer and decides for
himself I know he will be a fantastic priesthood holder here in

I had two exchanges this week. The first was with Elder Fowles. He is
a cool guy. We worked really hard. We did a lot of street contacting,
and met a lot of really cool people. We also tracted quite a bit, and
got in one house. It was a fun exchange! it was Wednesday night to
Thursday night. I got home Thursday night, we weekly planned Friday
morning, and then I left for Prishtina with Elder Temple. It was cool
to be back in Prishtina. I tried to meet with Arber (the man you sent
the number for) but it didn't work out. I am going to call him again,
and try and get something set up. The exchange with Elder temple was
good to. I saw Elders McGrath and Rasband there. They are both doing
well. It was great serving with both of them. I also saw my bakery
friends. They remembered my name, and of course I remembered them.
They are doing great. It was awesome to see them. I hope they are
interested in the Gospel one day. I also saw my Albi Market friends. I
was super tight with the one guy there. I was so excited to see him.
Same thing for him. I hope he decides to check out our church one day!
I have become very good friends with the grocery store and bakery
people here in Gjakova as well. i have tried to make it  goal to get
to know the people that I see often. Some of the grocery store people
might come to church this next week!

We are beginning to gear up for the Easter Season. The church is
launching a new program right away. It is called Because He Lives. One
thing they encouraged us to do is to hold devotionals. We have started
doing Wednesday and Sunday night devotionals at the church for all who
can attend. We started yesterday, and had a fantastic turnout! We met
with a family right before it, and then they agreed to come to the
devotional, and they really liked it. We had a short video called
Because of Him, and then there were a a couple songsand quick
talks/testimonies. It went really well.

There are two girls getting baptized this weekend. The sisters have
been teaching them. They are 14 and 15 years old. They are doing
great. They love the church, and are good friends with a girl in the
branch. It is fantastic! We are still working on finding the male
members haha. We know the Lord sees our efforts!

President Weidmann came to our District Metting this week. We have a
great district so it was fun to have him and Sister Weidmann there. He
is a really nice guy. He had great things to say! It all went well.

I love serving as a missionary. It is a real blessing to be able to
work  and share the Gospel. It is certainly challenging, but it is
worthwhile very enjoyable. I am very grateful for the opportunity that
I have to serve, and I am so excited to be serving alongside Matt 3
months from now!! The world won't know what hit it when Matt puts on
that missionary badge! Look out Winnipeg!

Have a great week! Glad Buddy is feeling better! Take him on walks!

Love Elder Stewart

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