Monday, March 16, 2015

Going Great in Gjakova!

This week has been a very good one.

I would say that there are two main stories for this week. President
Weidmann challenged us to meet with our investigators daily starting
this week, and for the month of March. We have tried really hard. We
have one main investigator. We have had contact with him in person
every single day for the last week. 7 out of 8 days we had a lesson
with him. He is the one in the white jacket from last week. He is
doing great. He came to church, and we fasted with him for him to get
his answer. He is so happy.The fasting was really cool. He was pretty
nervous to do it. We started it with him on Sunday morning before
church. He didn't know if he could do it, but we sent him a text in
the evening and encouraged him. We met him this morning. He had done
it. We had a quick lesson with him, and then ate breakfast together.
It was really fun!

The other guy that we have been meeting with is a member of the
branch, but is less active. He is doing great right now though. We
watched the Current Bush Mormon Message with him. He understood enough
English to know what was going on, and then we reexplained it to him.
He is a good guy.

We had a big activity this weekend in Prishtina. We got all three
Kosovo Branches together. In the beginning everyone just socialized
and got to know each other. We had snacks and stuff. Afterwards we
split up into two groups. 25 and above went with the Prishtina
district, and we had the youth and kids. We played some fun games for
about an hour, and then we had Albanian Traditional dancing. It was
awesome! Everyone loved it. It was great for our members and
investigators to get to see the church on a slightly larger scale.
Elder Lesi and I rode up to Prishtina in a van filled with members and
investigators. The other two sets of missionaries took a car because
we ran out of room on the van. On the way back from the activity the
van was very loud because everyone was so excited and happy. Both the
investigator, and that other guy came to the activity!

As a district we have been playing a lot of "Liars Dice." It is a
Tooley game. We get together at lunch time a few times a week and play
it for a little while. It is a good game! I really like playing games!
Our district is really fun.

We went and saw a waterfall today. It is in Peja. It was beautiful. We
explored a lot, and then we went to a fish farm for lunch. The fish
farm was super cool. There were rivers and pools and ponds of fish. It
was crazy.

English course is going well! Thanks for those ideas Dad! We have been
doing quite a lot of tracting. The mission made up some new visit
cards. One is of the saviour right after his resurrection,  one is of
someone getting baptised, and the other is a family in front of a
temple. We have been able to have some good conversations with a lot
of people. It is easy to see that a lot of people really do feel what
we say, but it is hard for us to get them to commit and to listen to
us. Gjakova is a pretty small city. It seems to me that people are
getting a pretty good idea of who we are. There are a lot of really
nice people here. Elder Lesi and I have had a good time together. We
have a lot of time to talk as we go through appartment buildings. He
is a hard worker, and has a super solid convert testimony. He is a
nice guy to work with!

Our Gjakova district is really great. The branch is doing well. They
all loved the activity. The weather warmed up. I don't think we will
have any more snow at this point!

I am very happy to hear that Buddy is doing better!

Have a great week, and keep taking Buddy on walks. Good luck to Matt
and his provincial basketball team! It is a great time to open a
mission call! :) I am sure it will all go great!!

Love Elder Stewart

Elder Stewart

Some of the ruins in Gjakova

The "heart attack" on Sis Tooley's door for her birthday.

Elder Lesi and Elder Stewart in Bondsteel

Elder Fowles and Elder Baker with Elder Stewart

The feast at the Tri Ward party. Those are bigger than Costco hotdogs!

Great attendance at the party!

Waterfall near Peja with Elder Lesi

Beautiful! Looks like Waterton!

At the fish farm

Not sure I could eat this!

The meal at the fish farm...some of it looks delicious!

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