Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Staying in Gjakova and Still Finding Friends!

This week was our final week of English course. We go for a month and
a half for two months, and then break for transfers. After transfers
we start it up again type thing. I have used a lot of those ideas that
you sent me, Grandma. They have been very helpful! The last class that
I had was out of control, off the walls crazy, so the games really
helped. I am very grateful for them!

Transfer calls came last night. Elder Lesi and I were pretty sure we
would be staying because we are in the middle of the training program.
We are having a lot of fun together. Our district is all staying, and
we are getting two more Elders here in Gjakova as well. It should be

Elder Tooley is really working to get everything stabilized as he will
be getting replaced as branch president in the near future. He has
been working really hard to get everything ready for the next guy. He
has had quite a few interviews and things this week so I have been
sitting in on them. He has a tough job. That whole "Judge in Israel"
is quite the calling. I have a lot of respect for Dad, Grandpa, Papa,
and all other current or past ward and branch leaders. That is tough

We have taught a lot of new people this week. We have some families
now!! Hopefully they all keep listening to us. We met a man on the
road with two little twin boys. He is a great guy. We met another man
on the road and got to meet him in his house. He is a father of two,
and has a great family. The Tooleys had a new family move into their
appartment building, and Elder Tooley took us with him to meet them.
We talked at the door, and they invited us in. They have 5 kids, and a
re super nice. We shared the Restoration with them. They were very
receptive. They had another lady in their house, and we got to go to
her house, and have a lesson with her as well.

We thought that was such a good idea to get to know the people in our
own appartment that we tracted it out, and just introduced ourselves
as their neighbours, and then went on to talk about Jesus Christ. For
the most part it worked out well. No one invited us in, but I know a
few more peoples names now, so we will see how far that goes.

Our best lesson this week (in my opinion) was with a man who has been
to church twice. He is the one that paid his tithing. He is really
trying to find the truth, but he just can't grasp it. We talked to him
about the Book of Mormon. I was reminded of one of the District
episodes when the missionary says "you are sitting with the evidence
of of what we say in yours hands, and you haven't read it." That was
pretty much how it was. He came into the lesson, and was feeling sad,
and right before he left I asked him.. how do you feel when you learn
about these things? He said he felt great.l He jumped down the steps
of the church and was smiling afterwards. Hopefully he reads the book.
Elder Lesi and the Tooleys did great! It was just a good lesson.

The bakery by our house is run by a small family. The one son asked me
about the pamphlet I had in my hands. The kids that work there are
awesome. We are in there every few days buying bread, and we always
end up talking to them for about 15 minutes.

One day at lunch we saw a small little sandwich place so we decided to
give it a try. The food was good, but my favourite part was that there
was an Ontario licence plate on the wall. Of course they had a couple
from the states, but they also had Ontario. I thought that was

Well things are still going good. We are trying to work really hard,
and we are having a fun time. It is fun serving out here.

Have a great week, and take Buddy on some walks!

Love Elder Stewart
Notice the Ontario license plate that he spotted on the wall in a restaurant in Gjakova.

Qebaptore te Bimi is a central spot where they often have investigators meet them.

This Tango juice was what he used to do a toast to his dad on Feb 19 for  his dad's birthday.

Classic missionary pic!!! I  (his mom) love it!  :)

Elder Lesi

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