Monday, February 16, 2015

Finally a Font...and a Baptism in Gjakova

This week had been really good. On Monday we were in Prishtina for a
meeting. We saw a lot of people there so that was really fun. There
were a lot of missionaries, and members from Prishtina.

It was very exciting this week because this week we got a meeting with
a member that had avoided meeting with people for quite a few months
now. He always sets appointments and then cancels last minute. We have
tried to meet with him, Elder Tooley has tried, President Weidmann has
tried, some other Elder were brought in who knew him when he was
active to try and get as meeting with him. He has cancelled with all
of us. It has been an ongoing process. However, we were street
contacting one day, and his brother walked passed. We felt like we
should give him a call. He said ok, and he said to meet him at 8
o'clock at the church. We have heard that kind of thing a thousand
times but we set the appointment. At just after 8 as we were wrapping
up another appointment that had started late, I got a call from the
man and he said he was at the church. I was super surprised to be
honest. We said the closing prayer and sprinted to the church. We got
to know him a lot better. He has a lot of outside pressure from a
number of people. The original plan was for him to be the nest branch
president. We will see. The lesson was really good. We read some very
straight forward scriptures. We did our best to be "Bold and Loving".
He seemed to take it pretty well. Time will tell.

The sisters had a baptism this week. It went really well. The font has
been sitting at customs for months because the church has not been
able to get clearance to get it across. They finally got clearance,
and the Tooleys went to pick it up. It cost an arm and a leg to get it
out of customs, but it made it here just in time. We got it all set up
and it looks fantastic. It is a lot nicer than being baptised in a
public pool I think. The lady that was baptised is in her 50's. She is
very nice. She was very happy! The service was great. The water was
warm, we had investigators there, the members all showed up. Our one
investigator who is friends with one of the members came. I called up
that member and asked if he was coming to the baptism. He said he
didn't have time, but then I said "we need you. Your friend is
coming." At that point he agreed to come and it was great to have him.
It was awesome for him because he hasn't been coming a lot, and it was
great for his friend to have him there. I played the piano a bit to
keep the peace during all of the breaks. Turns out the piano can be
useful. Who knew? You would have thought someone would have told me
that by now!

We have been meeting with that man. He has now been to church twice.
This week he didn't come because his preacher got mad at him. I think
he is beginning to see what makes us different though. He is a super
nice and humble guy. If he takes Moroni's challenge we will get an
answer. We are trying our best to help him along the way. He is
looking very promising!!

Church was wild this week. There were some crazy kids. I  got up
halfway through, grabbed Elder Lesi and we ran a primary during Sunday
school because things were getting crazy. I feel like I probably
belong in primary anyways! I had a lot of fun!

We always spend a lot of time with the Tooleys. They come to lessons
with us. We often eat lunch with them and the sisters. We have a
really fun district.

Have a good week! Take Buddy on walks!

Love Elder Stewart

The Gjakova District after bowling on P Day. Elder Stewart said his bowling skills are lacking but he did get one strike. It guttered but then bounced back out and was a strike! Sadly, he'd turned around after seeing the ball go in the gutter and didn't see the strike!

Elder Stewart
A member in Prishtina and Elder Rasband with Elder Stewart.

Elder and Sister Tooley with the new font. 

The new font and their district.

How the font drains.

Elder Lesi and Elder Stewart

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