Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Durres is Great!!

Well it has been another fantastic week out here in Albania. Elder
Rasband and I are keeping very busy and having a great time doing it!

This week we got to give two priesthood blessings. I would say that
was probably the highlight of the week. The first was quite the
coincidence, or maybe something more than that. We had a lesson
planned way out in the middle of nowhere so we walked out there to
have them cancel on us when we got there. We stood at a bus stop to
wait for a bus to take us to a different part of Durrës, but we say a
road sign and we knew a less active member lived up that road
somewhere so we called them up. It turned out he was in the hospital
with a stomache infection. the busline runs past the hospital so we
got to go to the Hospital and meet with him. Dad and Grandpa would
have loved it! I was tempted to take pics, but we aren't supposed to
while we are working as not to look like tourists. He was doing well.
It seemed to us that he really appreciated a visit from the
missionaries. He hasn't been to church in quite some time! He is 60
years old (quite old for an Albanian). Elder Rasband got to give his
first blessing in Albanian. He did a really good job!

It was the same night, and we met with A. He is super great, but
there have just been some definite obstacles. He could be a very
powerful force if he was baptized, and I don't think Satan is a fan of
that. Anyway I am sure he will get there. We got to give another
blessing. He definitely felt the Spirit. To be honest he looked kind
of stunned by it all. I think it hit him pretty good. He is awesome!

This week we met a 27 year old guy named J. We have now met with
him 3 times, and he is very promising. He met with missionaries a few
years ago, but he wasn't ready then. We hope that he is ready now. We
had A C, a member in his early 20's who is preparing for a
mission. It was great for J to see a regular Albanian member.
Members help!

We were reunited with K this week. He still has a desire to
learn. I know he will be baptized.. eventually! We had a great lesson
with him. We just really focused in on the simple stuff. The
Restoration, Book of Mormon, and prayer. R P helped us out. He
is 14, and really cool. We have been trying to get close with the YM
and single adults, and it has really worked and we have had a ton of
fun doing it!

Today we ate some qofte. It is like hamburger.. only we don't know
what animal it is from.

Yep, that was our week.

Take Buddy on some walks! Thanks!

Love Elder Stewart


The Fruit market

A cool statue

Selfie with a statue

Albanian wildlife

The coast line along  Durres

Elder Rasband and Elder Stewart

On top of the world!

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