Friday, August 29, 2014

August 18 -Late Post! :)

I have air conditioning! So I am surviving the heat!

We started off the week for the halfway training meeting. The trainers
and trainees were all in Tirana. We had a good meeting with President
and Sister Weidmann. They are both very cool. They did a great job of
giving advice and input so that we can get the most out of it. The
Church has put out a "First 12 Week" training program, and it is very
good. We then ate lunch all together at the mission home, and got to
talk with the Weidmanns.

We had two baptisms in Durrës this week. Two girls who have been
investigating for a year got permission to be baptised. It was great.

This week has been a great week. We have been doing a lot of teaching
this week! We got A started on the 7 days to quit smoking
program. I think he will nail it. Tonight we have it set up to all go
to a members house for family home evening together. It is going to be

K is back. He leaves on the 20 to Italy so we are getting
everything set up for him so that he can get baptized in Italy. I am
pretty excited for him! I look really weird in the pic I sent haha,
but that is Kristi!

A and E are back and taking lessons. We have been to their
house twice this week. They are on a baptismal date for Sept 13. We
are going to have to work really hard with them to make sure
everything goes through. They are a member referral, and we hope the
ward will get on board.

This week we also began meeting with a man named N. He has been to
church before, but never accepted formal lessons. He is a young father
of 2. He saw the baptisms this week as well.

One interesting thing that happened in Albania at this time of year is
weddings. They have huge festivals.

I don't have much time because we went to Krujë today!

Love you all!

Thanks for walking Buddy!

Elder Stewart

These were all taken in Kruje. Looks amazing!

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