Monday, June 16, 2014

Great Week and Transfers on Sunday...

Happy Fathers day to Dad and of you others out there!!

This week has been really great! We have had a great time here in Durrës! We tract most days. The heat and rain seems to drive people indoors! That works well for us because we know where to find them. We have a lot of potential investigators. We have quite a few first lessons. Unfortunately, but very fortunately, we have agency. We don't always get invited back. Our story does sound crazy, but it is true and all we have to do is read and pray to know! I know people feel the Spirit when we teach though. We feel it! People are generally happy. Everyone gets happy when we are willing to talk about their family. Everyone loves their family. I started carrying around a wallet sized picture of our family! I feel as though sometimes people think we are robots or salesman, and it really helps people open up to us. Whether they accept our message right now or not it is good to leave them with a good taste of LDS missionaries! We met two great families this week while tracting! I really hope to get back into their homes and share the Plan of Salvation. So far we have told them the Gospel will bless their family on earth and through Eternity, but they don't really know how yet.

We did have one crazy run in tracting yesterday though. We testified at the door and shared a part about eternal families. The lady said she wasn't interested so i gave her a card with our number on it if she became interested or if anyone she knew was interested. A man began yelling in the background. He came to the door yelled in our face swung a hand at me and i quickly backed out of it. He grabbed Elder Gray and just started shaking him and yelling leave and never come back! We made it out though!

This week Elder Gray and I have only been speaking in Albanian. We really like speaking it, and there is really no need for Elnglish because we can both speak and understand now. We continue to improve! It is great! God is helping us out!

B and X are falling off the map. They have no showed for a lot of appointments this week. They wanted meeting out of their home because of their grandparents, and they chose to meet at the Institute center. The problem is they come to us, and sometimes that doesn't happen. They didn't come to church. Elder Gray and I are concerned that they aren't reading and praying on a regular basis. They can't gain a testimony if they don't do those things!

A is amazing. He continues to come to and participate in all three hours of church. He has a great grasp on the gospel. He always has great comments in Elders Quorum. He has a great understanding and testimony of the restoration. He is still quitting smoking! I know he will quit! I will try and get a picture with him this week so you can see him!

Elder Gray and I served that Telhaj family I have told you about! It was great! They really appreciated it. Our lessons fell through one night so we quickly ran home and changed and ran to his house. When we got there he was pulling weeds by himself. He had bee out there for a while, and had made a dent but wasn't even close to being done. We got it all done with him. As weird as it sounds I think God canceled those lessons for us and prompted us to get out to the Telhaj house! It was perfect timing. God knew that brother Telhaj was working alone on a massive project! We met another less active this week named Brother Beleshi. He is about 60! He is very cool.

Elder Gray and I cooked a great dinner yesterday for Elders Clawson's birthday and Father's day.

Durrës is great. Transfer calls come on Sunday so that should be interesting!

Take Buddy on walks!! Thanks for your support and prayers!

Love, Elder Stewart

That chicken looks pretty amazing!!

I think Elder Stewart is turning into a chef in Albania!

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  1. This letter reminds me of a phrase: The good (A), the Bad ("the" tracting experience- not the people) and ...the Delicious (that meal looks SO yummy!!)