Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sis Tooley's Reports on Elder Stewart!

Editor's Note: On Jan 21, we got the best surprise on Facebook. Sis Tooley, a Sr Missionary serving with Parker, sent us the following. We were delighted and so grateful for she and her husband looking out for Parker and the other missionaries in Elbasan.

I just wanted to let you know that we are the couple serving with your most wonderful son here in Elbasan. You did a good job as a parent from what we can see. He is sooo good. We were in the MTC at the same time that your son was. We just left in Nov. and your son and his group arrived here in January. He was assigned to our area and we are thrilled to have him. I want you to know that if I were you I would want to know how my child is doing. You can rest assured that Elder Tooley and I watch over them very carefully. We teach with them very often, eat lunch often with them and every Sunday we feed them lunch/dinner after church.

From our very first teaching discussion with him and his companion, he was speaking rather good for being so new out.

I have watched him on the streets and he is NOT shy about walking up to people and speaking with them. What a good young man and he represents the Lord well here. We love him a lot. If you have any worries or concerns or just anything, feel free to post on my timeline anytime. We are in the internet every day. Thank you for sending out such a good boy.

By the way we served our first mission in the Canada Vancouver Mission. We told your son that we are very partial to our Canadian friends.

Editor's Note:Then a week later, she sent another one, after having them over for Sunday dinner. Her husband made homemade peanut butter for them. Parker told us in his letter how much he loved it!

Sister Stewart I just want you to know what a good missionary you have. I would describe him as fearless, confident and certainly not intimidated in any way. He is fun to watch in action. He and his companion are teaching a 14 yr. boy and this boy really has linked up to your son. To watch them interact with each other you would think they are best friends. Our young Elders out here are such good examples in how they look, how they live and how they treat people and your son is no exception. There are so many homes without fathers and I have no doubt that these young people here in Albania see that role modeling done here by the lives of us as a Sr. Couple and our young Elders.

Yesterday at church he taught the Priesthood class and from what my husband told me, he did a super job and all in Albanian (Shqip).

We fed the Elders yesterday and your son is generally the last to leave the table. We have no idea where he holds it all. When he was done he sat on the couch and was so sleepy he could hsrdly keep his eyes open. I made him put his feet up on the couch and lay down. They all are so very tired as they walk all day long with the exception of when they go with us or when they teach. I tried to care for him as I know you would.
Thank you for sending such a thoughtful, well equipped young man spiritually, to serve the Lord in this part of His vineyard.

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