Thursday, January 2, 2014

He Arrived in Albania!

After a 27 hour flight, Parker and 15 other missionaries arrived safely in Tirana, Albania. They flew from Salt Lake City to Chicago to Vienna, Austria to Albania. We had a great conversation with him by phone in Salt Lake City. He was so excited to get to the field! This was the email we received from his Mission President today.

Dear Missionary Family,
Your son, Elder Parker Stewart, arrived safe and sound at the Mission Home last evening.  He will be serving in the Elbason Branch.  This will be in the District of Tirana.  His companion will be Elder Joseph Austin.
Sister Ford and I are so pleased to have Elder Stewart as one of our missionaries and look forward to getting to know him well. We know that he will be able to contribute much to the missionary effort of teaching the people of Albania about Jesus Christ.
Missionaries absolutely love to receive mail and can be contacted either by email or by sending letters through the post office  to:
Elder Parker Stewart
Albania Tirana Mission
PO Box 2984
Rruga Qemal Stafa, Vila 1
Perballe Postas Nr. 22
Tirana, Albania

Sincerely Andrew Michael Ford
President Albania, Tirana Mission

Elder Stewart and his first companion in Albania,  Elder Austin.
Elder Stewart, Elder Austin and President and Sister Ford

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  1. Hi! This is Sister Austin. I'm Elder Austin's mom! It's so nice to see this blog & to see your son! Our sons will be serving together! Joseph, (Elder Austin) LOVES Albania, and he was so looking forward to training. He's also the District Leader in Elbasan and new to the branch they'll be serving in. They're going to make a great team. They both look SO happy in the photo! You'll may want to join the facebook group "Adriatic South Mission Moms". It's a great resource for the families of the wonderful missionaries who are serving there! You'll probably even get to see some extra pictures of your son at work in in the field! I'm sure he is going to do WONDERFUL! Joseph is a very gentle soul and is very kind. He's hard working and knows the language pretty well. I'm sure they'll get to know the area together. Please let me know if I can help in anyway. I'm on facebook too. You can find me at Susan Acosta Austin if you'd like to add me as a friend. I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about with our two guys working so hard together in the service of the Lord. It's amazing how blessed they are as they serve diligently. It's truly amazing. God bless you all for sending your son. With love, Sister Susan Austin