Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Recognizing Miracles

Dear Family,

There have been many miracle throughout the week. Everything came
together on Sunday when we were able to have 3 investigators in
Sacrament meeting.

We have been working a lot with Ali. He is from Iran, and he has
learned pretty much all that we can teach him as far as Preach my
Gospel lessons go. He is a very spiritual man. We always have great
lessons with him. He is reading from his Persian Book of Mormon. He is
set to be baptised on the 31st, but we really need a Persian Speaker
to answer the questions we can't and to go through the baptismal
interview with him. We are currently trying to communicate with an
email address that Elder Whit gave us. We sent the email last Friday,
but have not received a response yet.

There is a couple named Myslym and Lumturia. Lumturia came to church.
Myslym mas in Berat. They are not religious, but very open. Lumturia
loved church.

Our other investigator in church was a boy named Eraldo. He
disappeared and we couldn't get ahold of him, but on Saturday night
God helped us get ahold of him and he came to church. He is a very
busy guy, but he has some very serious questions and concerns about
God. he seems sincere.

Throughout the week God has been putting people in our path to talk
with and meet with. Elder Szabo continues to impress me. He is a good
worker, and a great missionary to be around.

We have been trying to develope a good relationship with the bishop.
We are going to his house tomorrow at lunch to talk with him.

We had 3 general Authorities come here this week. Elder Hamula, Elder
Dyches, Elder Nelson. Elder Hamula is in the First Quorum. They gave a
firside and did great.

P-day was more of an adventure than we bargained for this week.
Details to come... next week :) Some good pics though this week.

Love you all. Take Buddy on walks!

Love Elder Stewart

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