Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stake Conference

I went on an exchange in the first ward this week. I was with Elder
Anderson for a day. They have a new center for meeting with people so
we did a lot of contacting people and trying to take them directly to
the meeting center for a lesson. It has been a very sucessful way of
finding in their area, and I really enjoyed it. We were able to meet 3
new people that way. I quit enjoy street contacting. We meet all kinds
of different people that way. There are certainly a lot more effective
ways to work though... through the members.

We also had an exchange with Shkoder this week. Elder Greener and I
both went up to Shkoder. It is a beautiful city. It has a lot of
history. The branch in Shkoder is very small even though it has been
open for quite a few years. The members that they have though are very
solid. We did a lot of contacting up there as well. Shkoder has a lot
of Catholic people so we were able to talk a lot more about the Book
of Mormon and the uniquness of our church. Albania is very interesting
in the fact that there are many Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox, and
Atheists. There is a very wide spread so we end up talking about many
different points of the gospel depending on their interests. We had a
good time with the missionaries up in Shkoder. They are hard workers.

We met a new man in Germany this week over Skype. He is super solid.
His wife speaks english so she was found/taught/baptised in the last
few months. Her husband has been going to church. His German and
English are still coming along so we will teach him over skype. He is
awesome though. He accepted baptism for moms birthday. He already
knows quite a lot so I have no doubt he will be baptised. They have a
little daughter so it will be great to have them all baptised

Transfer meetings continued this week. We are getting ready for the
transfer calls that take place this weekend. Due to the size of our
mission President Weidmann is actually able to make all of the calls.
We follow up his phone calls with another phone call that includes
travel plans and times. The transfer is all coming together.

I have had the opportunity to give and to participate in giving a few
blessings this week. It is always a great experience. I got one last
week and it helped me a ton when I was sick.

We met 2 new investigators this last week. Remember all of those boys
that we brought to soccer a few months ago? Well we went out to go
check on that area and see how it was. We found a lot of them. Albion
( the little one) took us to his house. He lives in a very small
shack. We met his father. He is a very nice guy. Albion is a great
kid. Being out in those parts I thought of Alma 32. Poor people sure
are humble. They didn't necessarily accept our message, but they are
sure open to learn it. I hope that is goes well. All of those kids out
there could benefit from it a ton because otherwise they often turn to
drugs and alcohol. Many of them have been to a local church by their
house. We told them that we would pick them up and take them to soccer
again this week so we will be headed out there early Saturday morning.
We will also be going there throughout this week to meet with this boy
and his father.

Mateu and Miranda are coming along. Mirandas father is 86 and dying.
She is so sad, but Mateu has a ton of faith. They asked us for help,
and we were able to give both of them blessings this week. They are
making progress. Mateu appears a little slow, but he is fantastic at
math. We challenged him to read the Albanian Book of Mormon in 2
months. He agreed because he likes challenges. He worked it out to 11
pages a day. Hopefully he will be on page 33 when we see him tomorrow

Dashamir is holding on strong. He was interviewed for the Aaronic
Priesthood and he passed so he will get it this next Sunday. Martin
(the one who baptised him) was sustained in Stake Conference, and he
just received the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday. He was very
excited. He will be serving a mini-mission starting next Tuesday. He
is preparing for a full time mission.

2 boys that we work with will be getting baptised on Saturday. Arindi
Tafili and Redi Shehu. They are both 8, and we see there families on a
regular basis. The ward is excited. I am sure they will get a very
good turnout. The Sisters have an investigator that is doing really
well. She will be baptised next week.

Take good care of Buddy and take him on lots of walks. I love you all!

Love Elder Stewart

Stake Conference. This is Klajdi 

Stake Conference with Brother Metushi

The Congress Building where Stake Conference was held. Elder Greener and Elder Stewart were assigned to book this building just weeks before Conference. It was a miracle that they were able to and Conference was a success.

Elders at Stake Conference

Betim, Valmira, Egzona (Prishtina)
Shkumbin Olloni (Gjakova)
District lunch - Elder Greener, Sister Alushaj, Sister White, Sister Zollinger, Elder
Baldwin, Elder Temple, Dunn, Elder Eddings, Elder Verushi

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