Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Culture and New Calling!

This has been a good week. It hasn't been too long since I wrote so I
don't have a ton to report.

I caved in and bought boots this week. My shoes just couldn't take it.
After quite a few days of not being able to feel my toes I decided I
missed feeling them.

It has been very hard to meet people this week. Everybody has been
celebrating the new year, and it has been pretty cold outside. We have
been tracting and contacting like crazy. One Thursday for example we
spent 3 hours contacting and 4 hours tracting. We find a lot, but this
week we have just had a lot more of it.

I have had the chance to help Elder Tooley a lot this week. We were
dealing with a little bit of welfare buisness this week, and so we
helped him with translation. It is pretty interesting being in on
those kind of meetings. After one of those meetings he said "Elder
Stewart, what do you think I should do?" He has some tough calls to
make. I was called as the Branch Clerk this week. It is kind of just a
formality. I do the tithing and fast offerings on the computer for
him, and translate in his meetings.

We are really working to get priesthood holders to come to church or
to find people that can be priesthood leaders. This week I translated
for an interview where a relief society president was called. There
are some good female leaders in our branch, and now we just need some
male ones.

It has been super nice having sisters here in Gjakova. As a District
we are trying to strengthen the branch both internally and externally.
The Sisters will do super well working with the female members, and
they can teach all of the females. It is kind of different here in
Kosovo. Girls don't really talk to guys they don't know. It is just
the culture. Often it is also hard for sisters to teach guys so I
think it is going to work great. Sisters Boettinger and Vermunt are
super cool as well so I think we will have a great time with them.

Elder Lesi is a great missionary. He has a super solid testimony, and
is great at relating to the people. It has been great working with him
and spending time with him. His English is really coming along now.

That is about it for this week. I will write more next week, and send more
pics when I have more time.

Love you all. Take Buddy on some walks!

Elder Stewart

A family their District drove out to spend time with at Christmas.

The view from his apartment at Christmastime.

Elder Stewart and Elder Lesi at the Military Base on Christmas Day.

The Tooley's at the base.

Christmas Dinner!!

Elder Penrod, Elder Stewart and Elder ? at the base for Christmas dinner. (I'll have to ask him who that other Elder is... :)

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