Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas is in the Air...and on the Jumbotron!

This week was good we are getting the Christmas Spirit rolling.

We have had a lot of contacting this week. We have talked to a lot of
people. The church is making a huge push on the "He is The Gift"
program. I am sure you have all seen the video on The goal is to get as many people as possible to
see it. We got it translated into Albanian this week so hopefully we
will ave some chances to use it. We have it loaded on a usb, and we
have a portable dvd player so we can use it in lessons. As far as
contacting goes we printed off a booksized picture of the nativity,
and have been talking about it with people. It has worked really well
actually. We also have these new cards to give out they were made just
for this program. They gave us enough for 10 a day. To be honest we
could use way more, but I guess it is a lot of printing! Today they
brought us a huge sign for the program. I will take a picture with it
for next week. It will be great to contact with. As well Elder McGrath
managed to talk to someone in Prishtina about the jumbotron things
that they have in every city. He managed to strike a deal with them.
The share the gift video will be playing 100 times a day in Prishtina,
Gjakova, and Peja starting tomorrow. Apparently Albania doing a
similiar thing. I know for sure that it is playing on the big one in
Tirana. It will be great!

At the start of this week it rained like crazy. It was very hard to
get people to leave their house to meet with us. The problem was they
would say they were coming, and then not show up. It was tough, but at
the end of the week we got to meet with a lot more people.

We met a nice lady on the road. I would say that she is around 60. She
gave us her number, and we said we would call her. We set up a meeting
with her, and we met her in the park. She brought her two little
granddaughters (6 and 13). When they got to the park we started
walking to their house, and then something came up and they decided
they didnt have time. So we left, but decided to call and invite them
to church the next day. They came, and loved church! We ended up being
able to go and meet with their family in the evening. They are super
nice. However they are leaving to go home to Durrës on Thursday for
the holidays. Hopefully we can get something figured out!

Our English course here is awesome. The majority of them are 10 to 13
year old boys. They are pretty funny. I like teaching it!

We set up our christmas tree and lights. It is begining to look a lot
like christmas.

The District here is pretty awesome. I really like serving here! The
Tooleys are great! We ate at their house on Sunday, and on Friday.
They spoil us!

This morning we ate this cool stuff they have in Gjakova. It is some
amazing bread with sausage, an egg, and cheese. I will send you
pictures of the place just because it is so cool.

We had Zone conference in Prishtina this week, and I got a couple of
pictures that I missed taking. I will send them all. The members, Albi
market, and the bakery!

It has been a good week, and I hope your was as well. Take Buddy on walks!

Love Elder Stewart

The local butcher shop...YUM! This is in Prishtina.

The Prishtina Bakery where the competition was held between the Elders. This does look YUMMY for real.

The local grocery store in Prishtina

A fun dice game they play with the Tooley's

Not sure what it means, but maybe its a good roll!

These are all behind the scenes at the bakery. They became good friends with the staff there. Guess thats what happens when you frequent a place all the time! :)

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