Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Exchanges with Macedonian Elders and Chili Cheese Dogs

This week has been great!

I have had two exchanges this week. The first was with Elder Kreins
from Macedonia. The Macedonian elders all came up to Prishtina so all
of us had an exchange. Three of them went to the American Military
base this week. It was their turn. We have seen the Macedonians a lot
lately, and it has been really fun. They are really cool guys. Elder
Kreins didn't go onto the base because he is from Slovenia. Instead he
got to contact and teach with us that evening as well. It was a
freezing cold evening for contacting. It was rainy and windy and no
one was stopping. I don't really blame them. I don't think I would
have either. After a lesson at the church a member suggested to us to
try contacting outside the mall. He said people all the people go
there in the rain. So we tried it. It didn't work all that great, but
it was cool to try something new. Elder Kreins and his companion Elder
Garrish stayed at our house from Tuesday into Wednesday. It was really
fun to have company.

The second exchange was our district exchange. I went with Elder
Clawson this time in his area. He had a really fun time. We have
become pretty good friends! we taught two lessons together. It was
kind of a weird day for an exchange because we had to clean the church
in the morning, but whatever.

We met a few times with one of our really cool investigators. He is
the famous one. He is 62 years old. We taught him Tithing and Fast
offerings. He very readily accepted it. He especially liked the fast
offerings for the poor. He made a comment that as he learns more and
more about our church it all just seems so right. We managed to keep
his lesson shorter this week. It was quite the accomplishment.

He is quite the character.  He is a huge talker. In church they had to
cut him off on his introduction in Elder Quorum. He was up close to
ten minutes when they ended him. He loves attention. He is a lively
guy, an I think the members really liked him! He announced in church
for himself that he will be baptized on December 20. We have a lot of
faith. Just so you can get into perspective his funloving character..
On Sunday night he said he stayed up until 5 am because his son and
his fiance were at home, and they were playing games and talking. He
is a really cool guy, and he has a cool moustache!

The poorer of our cool investigators from last week fell of of the map
for the entire week. He doesn't have a phone, and we had no way of
contacting him. We thought we might have lost him, but then at 3
o'clock on Sunday he came strolling into the church. We were there for
another lesson. It was so great to see him. He was really happy.
Apparently he has been really sick all week. He said he was really
sorry that he had bailed on our appointments. We watched the
Restoration Video with him to try and drive our message home. We have
found that the visual really helps. Many Albanians are visual learners
it seems.

Elder McGrath and I taught the institute lesson this week. The members
here is Prishtina are great. The lesson was on chapters 4 and 5 of D
anc C. They are trying to get the D and C going here in Prishtina. We
have one member here who knows the bible like the back of his hand. He
is super funny. When we ask him to say a prayer he asks us if we want
him to say it in Hebrew. I don't think he actually can, but he is
quite devoted to the bible. He loves taking Selfies so I will send you
one with him. He also loves pretending to be Mr. Bean. He does a
pretty good imitation actually. The participation in Institute was
super good.

We had a special thing this week. There was a Seminary and Institute
conference this weekend in Prishtina. All of the Semianry and
Institute teachers from Albania were up here in Prishtina. I saw some
people I knew from Elbasan and Durrës. It was really cool. Kind of
nice to be able to talk to the people from Elbasan haha. When I was
there (for the first half especially) talking with them was tough! It
was fun to see them as well as some other people from around Albania
that I have seen here and there. President Mema put on a presentation
for the Prishtina YSA in the evening. He invited the missionaries so
we went and listened. He did a great job. He is a really good teacher.
His message was based on Elder Hollands "Souls, Symbols, and
Sacraments." He hit home with a lot of people I think. LDS standards
definitly do not fall in line with the Kosovar YSA standards.
President Mema does a great job of putting on great lessons, involving
people, and inspiring people to do even better. I love the way he

We played soccer again this week. It was really fun. A couple of the
members are pretty good. It gets pretty competitive sometimes. I think
it is pretty funny.

We found a really cool place to eat this week that sells American
food. I am talking Caesar salads and chili cheese dogs. Needless to
say we have eaten their food a few times this week!

All is well in Prishtina. It is getting cold, but from what I hear you
are even colder.

Have a good week and walk Buddy!

Love Elder Stewart
Elder Stewart

A rainy night in Prishtina

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

The washing machine...it's very ancient.

The apartment... the suit in the corner???

Elder Stewart and Elder Clawson

A fountain in the centre of town.

Elder Stewart in town square.

Elder Stewart and his Christmas tie! :)

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