Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 2 at the MTC!

 Thanks for the Dear Elder letters! They are fantastic!!
(Editor's Note: If you wanted to send a letter using the above link, his Departure Date is Dec 31 and his Unit is 5. Sending letters is free.)
It isn't cold here like it is in Canada! We have like 20 degree weather. I don't think ill be seeing the heavy snow for quite some time. It is actually really strange to have such warmth in November. It is hilarious to listen to other Elders and Sisters complain about the chilly weather. They obviously have never seen snow like you have right now.

I did laundry for the first time this week... and i made it. Nothing blew up, and the clothes looked clean so i figure it was a success.

Today was my second time through the Provo temple. i actually really like it! It is tough to stay alert though because we start at like 7:30, and its always a stay in the same room session, and the chairs are very comfortable. Its amazing to go through the Temple with a large group of missionaries!

I got to bless the sacrament this week. That was fun! 

L. Tom Perry spoke to us. Dad was right. he is a giant! HE EVEN HUNCHES OVER, AND HE STILL TOWERS! He spoke to us on the importance of companionships. He told us some experiences from his mission. One of his points that I thought was good was that the Lord has always made it clear that he will send more than one witness. One missionary on his or her own is pretty useless. Elder Baldwin and I have been getting good at working as a team. One thing about being very different is that when one of us can't really relate to someone the other usually can in some way. Sis Perry spoke on the plan for all of us. She made it clear that each elder and sister had different strengths. She spo0ke on how her and Elder Perry work as a team. Both talks copincided with our companionship very well.

Mom, you will be happy to hear that i sang in the choir! I have been going to all the practices since i got here. We have performed twice. The song was Redeemer of israel. it is pretty empowering to sing in the MTC. All of the songs here are pretty cool. I like singing in large groups.

The Albanian is coming along. We are now teaching our second and thired 'investigators.' We have moved away from using scripts, and we now just speak to the best of our ability. We arent to great, but we are somewhat understandable, and we can get bits and pieces of sentences, and then piece them together. We go to the TRC tonight. it is this place that you go to talk to RM's, and Albanians who live in America. They sign up to come in. We get to have two 20 minute chats. get to know you, talk about missions, and the gospel type deal. Its our first time tonight. it should be interesting! I'm looking forward to it. it sounds like fun!

Andrew Mandin took off this week for Vancouver. I saw Mandy at choir, and I saw kami Greyson at the cafeteria. I see Greyson Smith daily. he and some of the other Japanese missionaries that have been here for almost 9 weeks built the tashmahall (don't know how to spell it) out of pop cans. it is very impressive. Over 300 cans.

As you probably already picked up.. i do get really tired, and the days are long, but when I go to bed I fall asleep easily, and feel refreshed in the morning. The sleep is certainly as much of an issue as I thought it would be!

Thanks for the packages. I have received 3 from you!! The americans liked the Canadian chocolate!

In response to Hannah.. The giganticus spoonicus made of starsius in the skysius??? The winter Jacket fits great!! The statue is really cool. There are two notable statues in the MTC. One is of a missionary standing alone, and the other is of two bikers.Elder Stewart is one of the bikers. if you say bike statue to someone who has been to the MTC they will know exactly what you are talking about! It was very cool to discover it was Elder Stewart. i figure it was probably built because of Dads excellent service as a missionary.

Its good to hear that they did a good job of Enders Game. Buy it, and I will watch in in two!

Have a fantastic week everyone!!

Elder Stewart

Have you ever seen a laundromat this big???

Elder Stewart and Elder Mandin - both LCI grads and former Chamber Choir members!

Elder Stewart's District at the Provo Temple

After translating the name tags of these Elders, we learned they were Finnish, so these are the Elders made mention of in the first email. They look like cool guys too!

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